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Julian Raffe, Master Chimney Sweep in Hay on Wye and surrounding areas.
Modern professional chimney sweeping using best practice


 Master Sweep in the GUILD OF MASTER CHIMNEY SWEEPS and also a HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep . For safety reasons I provide a free CCTV inspection with every sweep.



Stoves, Openfires, Inglenooks and AGAs

The process involves a sweep, smoke test and certificate. I will also be checking the safety of the installation and in the case of woodstoves I will be doing a service and checking the condition of seals and bricks.

Free CCTV Inspection 

It's all about family safety

I will do a free CCTV inspection of your flue as part of the sweeping process. It is so important to know about any safety issues and how the chimney is performing. In most cases this a reassurance but occasionally it might be life saving.

Bird Guards And Caps

The correct terminal

The bird guards I fit are made of high quality Stainless Steel so they have a long life. For caps I generally use C-Caps made of solar-proof plastic with trickle vents and insect guards. I use safe working at height practices as required by my insurance. 

Bird Removal

Let's try and save the bird

If the bird is within reaching distance we can save the bird. Sometimes it may be possible to lift them on brush and rods where they are too high up to reach. 

Creosote Removal

Cre-Away Pro Treatment

Hard to remove tertiary creosote or very heavily coated flues can be treated chemically. The treatment involves a power sweep, chemical sprayed by compressor and then another power sweep.  

Flue Testing

Pressure Testing For Integrity

A pressure test known as a 'Type 1 Smoke Test' is a more accurate and involved measure of integrity of the flue  than a smoke draw test. This test is a two man job and involves working at height.

Flue Mapping

Finding the position of the fault or flue run

Sometimes it is necessary to work out the route of a flue or find the exact point at which a fault is located. Using a sender and detector, I can mark the exact spot and save making holes in the wrong places.

Power Sweeping

Where Appropriate

There is no extra charge for power sweeping - it is either the most appropriate method of sweeping or not. This depends on flue type, deposits present and the condition, all identified by the CCTV inspection.



Having used other chimney sweeps in the past we were delighted with Jules Raffe’s professionalism and thoroughness. We realised how the job should be done properly. Jules talked us through the whole process, showed us what had been cleared using his camera, and gave suitable advice on any other issues that needed to be addressed. Thoroughly recommended.

Julian provided a very friendly and professional service. He surveyed the inside of each chimney with the camera equipment he has on-board in order to report on its condition prior to sweeping and he took great care to ensure no dust or soot escaped. He was very knowledgeable in the subject matter and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.


Julian Raffe was recommended to me and I was not disappointed. Jules is the nicest, politest, most efficient chimney sweep I have ever met and not a speck of soot anywhere other than in the dustbin. A very thorough job which included climbing onto the roof to peer down the chimney and, as an unexpected but welcome result, an unsolicited and absolutely correct comment on the state of my roof which allowed me to get the appropriate expert in for repairs before a small bit of work became a real problem. Thank you.